A+ Comics was originally founded by Roger Broughton as Sword in Stone Productions in 1987 to self publish Corbo.

In 1988 he bought parts of the comic book division of Charlton Publications and in 1989 he bought the rights to past material published by American Comics Group.

While the single issue of Corbo was published under the Sword in Stone Productions imprint and logo, the A+ imprint was used for following publications in 1989. The company changing its name to match this logo in 1990. The last issues published under A+ were released in 1991. Four years later Broughton resumed publishing as Avalon Communications.

Most of the material published under the A+ logo was reprints of the material he had acquired from Charlton and American Comics Group. For the most part the comics produced were of the standard height for the time of 10". However, those dated 1990 were a half inch taller at 10.5".

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