The Big Comic Book DataBase is a website containing information about Wikipedia:comic books, and run by the maintainers of the Big Cartoon Database. As of 2005, the database contained information on over 100,000 books in 5000+ series, including over 35,000 cover scans.


In mid-2005, the database added additional elements to make the site more of an all-encompassing comic book resource. All issues now include a comic book price guide, which shows the user the current resale value at multiple grading levels of the book. Cover scans now include high-resolution versions, for a more detailed online look at the artwork. Both these new options require membership to the site, which is free.


The main database is arranged by publisher. It contains creator information such as writer, penciler, inker and other artistic contributors, of each of the comics compiled in the database. Synopses of many of the comics are also included. Key issues include notes on why they are notable, and what milestones the book is known for. Over one-third of the issues include scans of the original cover art. Readers can search on specific fields, such as writer or colorist, to find specific issues one is looking for.

The Big Comic Book DataBase allows users to register with the site. Users can then create their own compilations of their favorite comics in their private area. Users can also vote on their favorite books, or add reviews to any comic.

The Big Comic Book DataBase relies on volunteers to help edit the myriad of books in its database. Comic book fans can add information to each book individually (from a link on each page), or choose to apply to a whole series.


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