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Dick Ayers

Dick Ayers

Real Name
Richard Bache Ayers
Dick Ayers; Dick Ayres

Marvel; DC; Radio Ray (strip); Magazine Enterprises; Prize Comics; Archie


Place of Birth
Ossining , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

April 28, 1924

Professional History

Richard Bache "Dick" Ayers is a comic book artist and cartoonist. Widely respected for his dramatic storytelling skills and prolific output, Ayers is also renowned for being one of the first artists in Marvel Comics' famed "Bullpen", notably as Jack Kirby's inker on many landmark Marvel Silver Age comics.

As of 2005, Ayers is still working full-time as an artist, and recently the second volume of his autobiography in trade paperback form.

His work won him the 1985 National Cartoonists Society Award for Best Comic Book.

Work History

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