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Paul Neary

Real Name
Paul Neary
Marvel; DC; Warren; 2000 AD; Image



Place of Birth
United Kingdom

Date of Birth

Professional History

Paul Neary began his career in comics at Warren Publishing in the 1970's before working with Dez Skinn at Marvel UK, where he wrote and/or drew several strips for Hulk Comic (Neary has at one time or another been a writer, penciler and inker, as well as an editor) and later wrote the 'Timesmasher' series in Rampage Magazine. He eventually became Editor-in-Chief of Marvel UK. Around the same period that he was initially working for Marvel UK, he also freelanced for 2000AD.

In the early 1980's Neary created the Madman strip for Dez Skinn's 'Warrior' magazine, and later worked extensively for DC Comics, often inking Alan Davis's pencil art, notably on Batman in Detective Comics.

In the 1990's, Neary masterminded the expansion of Marvel UK and the launch of titles such as Hell's Angel, Motormouth and Killpower and Digitek. In recent years however, he has been primarily an inker, working on, among other things, The Ultimates.

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