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Company Nationality Years Notes
001 EdizioniItalian2008
01 ComicsAmerican200514 titles, 22 issues/products
01 Publishing 2012A re-branding of Glitchwerk Publishing
1 2 3 ComicsAmerican2009
1 Yet Publishing 2007-2009
10 PaezinhosBrazilian2000-2010
10 Worlds StudioAmerican2008Some material published through Markosia
11/88 StudiosAmerican2010
1130 Studios 20071 titles, 1 issues/products
12 Angry Monkeys 19961 titles, 1 issues/products
Also known as Insight Studios Group
12 BisFrench2009-2013
12 Gates Productions 20071 titles, 1 issues/products
Pulished in part with Image Comics
12 Gauge ComicsAmerican200912 titles, 35 issues/products
12Comics IncAmerican2007
13 Flames Empire 1998An imprint of Hunter Thompson Unlimited
13 Publications 20091 titles, 1 issues/products
17 Machine StudiosAmerican2008Also known as Vince Riley & Chuck Paschall
1821 ComicsAmerican2011
183 Degree StudioAmerican2012
1aB Comix 20011 titles, 1 issues/products
1HRx Records 20081 titles, 1 issues/products
1st Amendment PublishingAmerican19931 titles, 7 issues/products
1st Barb's MediaAmerican2009
1st Books LibrayAmerican2004-2004Also Known as Author House
2 BadgersAmerican2012Published in part with Dynamite Entertainment
2 Feet EntertainmentDanish2004
2 Society StudiosAmerican2008
2-D GraphicsAmerican19981 titles, 1 issues/products
20000 LeaguesIrish20041 titles, 2 issues/products
20th Century Comics CorpAmerican19561 titles, 1 issues/products
An imprint of Atlas Comics
20|20 editoraPortuguese2009
21 Pulp 2015
215 InkAmerican20105 titles, 8 issues/products
21st Century Sandshark StudiosAmerican2003
24 Hour CynicAustralian2002-20081 titles, 1 issues/products
2D CloudAmerican2007
2D Comics 2007
2nd Place ComicsAmerican2005
2WerkGerman20021 titles, 2 issues/products
3 Boys ProductionsAmerican20043 titles, 8 issues/products
3 Dimension PublicationsAmerican1953
3 Finger PrintsAmerican19978 titles, 23 issues/products
3 Spade ComixSwedish1999
3-D ZoneAmerican1987-199318 titles, 39 issues/products
300 PostsAmerican2015
360epAmerican20051 titles, 6 issues/products
Imprints 360jam and Majesco
3AAmerican2010Some material published as an imprint of IDW
3Apple MediaAmerican2008Also known as Hot Cider Press
3B 2010
3CG ComicsAmerican1996
3D Cosmic PublicationsAmerican1978-19821 titles, 1 issues/products
3DO 20011 titles, 0 issues/products
3H ProductionsAmerican19974 titles, 19 issues/products
3M Scotch TapeBritish1963
4 Eyed Prodicutions 2014
4-H TelevisionAmericanvalign=top19721 titles, 1 issues/products
40 oz ComicsAmerican19952 titles, 5 issues/products
451 Media GroupAmerican2015
45th Division NewsAmerican1941-1944
4th Dimension Entertainment 20101 titles, 1 issues/products
4th Wall Productions LLCAmerican2014-2014
4WindsAmerican1988-19902 titles, 2 issues/products
5-D Comics 2005Published in part with IDW
5Finity 20095 titles, 7 issues/products
5th Panel ComicsAmerican1994-20002 titles, 2 issues/products
6 Pieds Sous TerreFrench1992
656 Comics 2007
666 ComicsAmerican1997-19982 titles, 4 issues/products
An imprint of SQP
7 MonosSpanish1999-2001
726 Productions 19991 titles, 1 issues/products
7even Age EntertainmentItalian2012
7GLAB EntertainmentMexican2012
7th WaveAmerican2010
8 Ball PressAmerican1990-1990
8 Hundred & 36 Entertainment, LLC 2010
80 Pork ComicsAmerican2008
801 MediaAmerican20072 titles, 1 issues/products
803 StudiosAmerican20043 titles, 4 issues/products
88MPH StudiosCanadian2004-20042 titles, 14 issues/products
8th Wonder PressAmerican2015
94 HJYAmericanvalign=top1992-1992Imprint AC/DC Comics
9e kunstBelgian1984
9mm Productions 2007
9th Circle StudiosAmerican1996-1998

Publishers 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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