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Steve Englehart

Steve Englehart 01

Real Name
Steve Egnlehart
John Harkness

Marvel; DC; Valiant; Malibu; Claypool


First publication

Place of Birth
Indianapolis , Indiana , United States of America

Date of Birth

April 22, 1947

Personal History

Englehart was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from Wesleyan Universtiy (Middleton, Connecticut). He has a wife, Terry, and two sons, Alex and Eric.

Professional History

One of the predominant Marvel writers of the 1970's. Englehart wrote 32 issues of Captain America Vol 1 and 40 issues of Avengers Vol 1. He was referred to also as "Stainless Steve".

Work History

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See Also

Official Website

  • Steve Englehart.Com [1]

Links and References

  • Wikipedia: Steve Englehart [2]

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